Gurkha Khukuri Kukri Knife Made By Hand.


Proudly display your khukuri in your home. We offer several different styles of khukuri stand, Khukuri racks and Khukuri hangers developed for  khukuries to show off your collection. You can mount your khukuri on the wall, on the mantle or shelf or even on the floor with an upright khukuri stand.

Our khukuri knife wooden stand find balance between simplicity and distinction. This stand allows two different positions to sustain khukuri:  horizontal and vertical.

Oval Stand – Small
Thi is simple, fordable two tiers oval shape small khukuri stand. Made from a sold wood. The base of the stand is oval in shape so it looks more elegant in design and perfect in balance. It can be easily assemble.

This stand is available for 6″ to 15″ Khukuri Knife

Available color is chocolate brown


 Tree Branch Stand
This is great small size  traditionla khukuri dispaly reflecting the look of the tree. This wooden dispaly is designed and constructed from sold wood features two layer for displaying khukuri on lower layer and and scabbard on top layer. It is easy foldable and can be easy carry and assemble.

This stand is available for 6″ to 15″ Khukuri Knife.

Available color  is chocolate brown.


Royal Khukuri Stand
This is beautiful royal double rack mounted kukuri stand. It  is foldable two wooden bases wooden stand made by hand. To

give the royal look it is decorated with beautiful edges, metal poles and brass chain. It can be easily  assemble.

This stand is available for 8 inch -12 inch Khukuri Knife.

Available color is chocolate brown.


Vertical Stand
Beautifully hand crafted wooden vertical stand ideal to present single special khukuri knife in a vertical position. It is ideal to display stand in  small corners or special features in the home the vertical neck  stand fits together  simply and easily fits khukuri perfectly. It is easily assemble.

This stand is available for 6 inch -15 inch Khukuri Knife.

Available color is chocolate brown.


Balance Stand
This stand is specially designed for Balance Khukuri Only. The balance khukuri knife will be perfectly balance on the stand.
Available color is choclae brown.

Khukuri Frame (Wooden Carved Window)

Beautiful hand carved frame for perfect display of Khukuri or Medals.

For Any size Khukuris. Made on request only.


Khukuri FrameKukri-Frame




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