Gurkha Khukuri Kukri Knife Made By Hand.

Sirupate Khukuri (Slim)

This is another popular knife used by the Gurkhas in the jungle. This knife which derives its name from the word “Siru” meaning a slender and narrow type of a leaf found in the hilly regions of Nepal, this khukuri blade is designed in the shape of the leaf. This khukuri is much slimmer and lighter compare to other khukuris and yet very effective. The effortlessness, easiness and effectiveness of Sirupate make this khukuri very special. It is designed for daily household purpose. This khukuri very popular among the gurkhas and it is very renowned among Nepalese people. This khukuri was made by highly skilled craftsmen of Eastern part of Nepal. The slim and thin shape makes this khukuri looks extremely beautiful.

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