Gurkha Khukuri Kukri Knife Made By Hand.

9.5″ Cha Chire Budhana Dhankute Khukuri Knife

9.5″ Cha Chire Budhana Dhankute Khukuri Knife


This is special 9.5 inch six fuller (Cha Chire) or layer blade panel dhankute khukuri knife designed by our best craftsmen in panawal style.

The khukuri blade of this knife goes from blade tip to the other tip of the handle and horn are joined from both side with two metal rivets which makes it stronger than the other khukuri. The blade is therefore visible all around the handle. The handle is joined strongly to the blade with two metal rivets which can also be seen at the sides and named accordingly Dotted Panawal. The blade measures 9.5” with handle 5″ long and it weighs 700  grams approximately. Blade is made from reinforced steel used in railway tracks, handle made with steel and horn and the sheath is made from a horn.

This khukuri is orginate in Dhankuta. Dhankuta is a village located in Eastern part of Nepal and this type of Khukuri is made only in this village. Hence it is called “Dhankute Khukuri. The craftsmen craft this khukuri with symbols such as National bird “Dhaphe and Temple “Pasupati Nath Temple” on Scabbard.

Khukuri Details:

Name:  Special

Blade Size:  9.5”

Handle Size: 5″

Material: Horn, Carbon Steel, White Metal and Brass.

Actual Weight: 700 gm

Weight With Packaging: 1000  gm

Origin: Dharan (Eastern part of Nepal)

Shipping Provider: DHL Express or TNT Express or EMS Express

Shipping Time: Usually ships within 48 hours. Allow 3-5-7 business days for delivery worldwide.

Insrurance: Insurance is included in the shipping cost.

Additional information

Weight 1.0 kg


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