Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

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In this section we offer different types of Chukuri. The name derives from the combination of Churi (local name for small knife) and the khukuri so the name of this khukuri comes from Churri + Khukuri = Chukuri. The blade of this Chukuri knife is the mixture of both khukuri/kukri and knife. It has khukuri shape in the lower spine (or main cutting part) of the blade and knife shape on the upper spine at the end of the blade. It can be used for both purposes as khukuri and as utility knife when required. A metal hand guard is attached just above the handle at the bottom of the blade of the khukuri which is known as Kabjawal for the safety of the user. This system is newly designed and very useful for special task like tough and heavy duty.

  • Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

    10″ Chukuri Wooden Handle – Eagle Head

  • Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

    10″ Iriki Chukuri– Horn Handle

  • Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

    10″ Iriki Chukuri– Wooden Handle

  • Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

    13″ Sudey Chukuri Khukuri Rato

  • Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

    8” Chukuri – Tin Chire Dhankute Knife

  • Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

    9” Chukuri Knife Horn Handle – Afgan Panawala

  • Chukuri Khukuri (Ferious)

    9” Chukuri Knife Wooden Handle – Afgan Panawala

  • Ankhola Khukuri

    Iraqi Angkhola Chukuri Khukuri Knife