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Online Services

Gurkha Khukuri knife Industry has been servicing the khukuri knife industries from generation. we have developed a wide variety of services to make our customers lives easier and to enhance our ability to meet the varied needs of individual.
We understand the most important thing for our customers is service. We focus our effort to be the premier customer service organization in the khukuri business and work hard to meet and exceed expectations for reliability and service to our customers.

Online Services

When you place an order online at the GKKI, you will receive an immediate email confirmation. Your order will be processed and will be completed once we authorize your method of payment. As soon as you method of payment is verified. We will ship it. The verification process will take few days time.

You can use the information on this email to track your order all the way from our warehouse to your door. If you call in your orders, ask us for the order number and you can later use it for tracking.

If the shipping method is DHL Express, you will receive a third email with the tracking number.

Track Your Order With DHL

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