Gurkha Khukuri Kukri Knife Made By Hand.

Khukuri Handle Materials

A good khukuri knife handle should feel solid and well constructed when you hold it. We suggest you consider a handle style and material that meets your needs and suits your preference.

Horn Handle

Horn handles are durable under extreme conditions. Fairly wide variety of horn can be used for handles and some of it is quite attractive. Khukur knife handles are best done with water buffalo.

Wooden Handle

Wooden knife handles have been used ever since the invention of the Khukuri knife. A wooden handle adds beauty to the Khukuri knife.Woods are organic, warm to the touch, comfortable to hold, and can be long lasting. Wooden handle exhibit a distinctive class of fine taste, and throughout time, will always be cherished for their value. Wooden Handle compliment metals very well. In knives, they have been, and will always be a standard.

Alluminium Handle

Just like titanium, aluminum is also a nonferrous metal. Commonly used as handles, aluminum gives the knife a solid feel, without the extra weight.


Derived from naturally shed deer antlers. When exposed to open flame, stag takes on that slightly burnt look. Very elegant material for small khukuri knife.

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