Gurkha Khukuri Kukri Knife Made By Hand.

Dhankute Khukuri (Magestic)

Dhankuta is a village located in Eastern part of Nepal and this type of Khukuri is made only in this village. Hence it is called “Dhankute Khukuri”. People mostly use it as a decorative tool because of its elegant and delicate look therefore it is named as Dhankute decorative. This khukuri is made very attractive. The blade is slimmer and lighter than the army types. Only the skilled craftsmen of this village can make this kind of khukuri. The craftsmen craft these khukuris with national symbols such as King’s Crown “Shreepech”, National Bird “Danphe”, Gurkha insignia “Crossed Khukuris” and the National Fish “Aasla”. These khukuris are crafted by highly skilled craftsmen of eastern part of Nepal.
We also provide these Kothimora Khukuries in wholesale. Please refer our wholesale section for details.

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