Gurkha Khukuri Kukri Knife Made By Hand.


GKKI has made it very easy to buy a customized hand made Khukuri knife. Handcrafted creations by some of the finest blacksmith. Our custom khukuri knife are capable of performing any task as well as be pleasing to the eye.. You can choose the materials and colors for your custom knife.

Delivery of a custom khukuri knife

It can take up to 2 months for our knife smith to produce a totally customized khukuri kinfe. Any of our basic models will be ready for delivery in 2 weeks time. Every custom knife is totally hand made and the making takes a long time. We ask for your patience if you order a custom Khukuri knife from us. Please contact us by e-mail if you are in a hurry. We can make the delivery faster if we can agree on price.
Customizing the leather sheath for custom khukuri knife

You can choose the color for the leather sheath for your custom Khukuri knife. The price for every sheath may vary and it’s always made separately exactly for the Khukuri knife that you order. . Please check the availability of the colours for the sheath.
Customizing the handle for custom khukuri knife

Handle is made of rose wood, horn and brass. The grip of a handle is especially good and many also like the looks of this material.We can make handles in any design and material. Please mail us at for detail.
Customizing the blade

We  Blade is most important  part of custom Khukuri. We can make blade in any material and design you prefer . Like carbon steel or suspension leaf spring of truck.  We can customize the blade in any shape, size, design and material. Both carbon and spring steel blades are very durable, strong and beautiful.  We will make the blade according to your design and material you would like for your khukuri. If you have your own blade design then please let us know.

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