Gurkha Khukuri Kukri Knife Made By Hand.

Army Khukuri

In army khukuri category we offers the various types of khukuries which have been used by the soldiers. The khukuries found in this category are famous for the warfare. The Gurkha soldiers have been using these khukuries for many years. Many Gurkha soldiers have fought the battle with the help of these khukuries against their enemy and have won the battle many times. These khukuries have created a great history of brave Gurkha soldiers. Because of these magnificent khukuries the brave Gurkha soldiers have become a world renowned warriors for their bravery. The blade of these khukuries are so thin and fine that they give the khukuries an excellent cutting power. Though used by army in warfare these khukuries can be used by any one. Equally beautiful these khukuries can also be used for the decoration purpose. Ceremonial Khukur knife, Jungle Khukuri knife , Nepal Army knife and Service No. 1 are categorized under Army Khukuries.

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